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That lightning bolt on your whiteboard though.

Integration Required is a data integration and solutions provider with a passion for Healthcare Interoperability. As Healthcare transforms the delivery of care to a more consumer centric model, we are helping vendors, clients, startups, and healthcare organizations meet the pivot technically and architecturally.

  • Healthcare Interoperability
  • Real Time Event and Rules Architectures
  • Master Data Management
  • API Interrogation and Consumption
  • Enterprise, Reference, and Service Architecture
  • Healthshare Workloads on Cloud Technologies
  • Master Person Index

Full Stack Architecture and Interoperability

An accurate, complete, and up to date Provider Directory has been a wish list for Health Systems for quite some time. This is the first inclination that the Healthcare data model at play provided by the Reference Information Model by HL7 has developed some shortcomings for the changing healthcare landscape. The HL7 model put the patient in the center of everything, and all other things such as organizations, providers, and plans were considered referential data or built into a security context as the workflow in modern EMR’s to accommodate the patient. The need for a robust Physician Directory is systemic to the need to coordinate around providers, much like Health Systems coordinate around patients, and even this is yesterday’s problem as it is just as important to coordinate around plans, organizations, and providers in the same manner.

So if you are a health system you are in the people business. You have patients, members, care coordinators, donors, physicians, nurses, employees, and the list goes on. If you are employing a digitial experience, additionally you have ePatients, eMembers, eAgents and the like. Any one of these people can call you through any one of the number of channels a Health System employs; call centers, portals, clerks at the information booth.

Know your people, and know people how they relate to your health system. From Identity Servers, Master Data Management platforms, and Master Person Indexes we integrate so you can authenticate and coordinate identities across assigning authorities with confidence.

DICOM is awesome, has been for a long time and rock solid serving an industry for years. We cut our teeth here and still love how demanding and scientific a PACS computing environment is. If you are doing something to revolutionize this industry, we would really want to help. Also, we've built and bought some stuff too we'd like to put to work.
You wouldn't of found someone more skeptical about "another standard" then us at the onset of FHIR development. While we were fighting to get XDS, XCA interfaces approved, secured, and implemented the hype of FHIR was a frustrating shiny object to engage. Having said that though, FHIR is now at event horizon with the promise of changing the landscape of healthcare with a military of developers waiting to disrupt it, and we believe it. Though the FHIR Resources are well defined, and the REST interface is understood by all developers, there is a bit of work in implementing authorization and the magic between the FHIR resource and your application need to be understood.

We get to the point, and that point isn't about servers, questionably supported standards, scalability concerns, or compromises in security. Having been through implementations where the "infrastructure" choked the project, and integration software is modular only on invoices, we have developed chops on deploying InterSystems technologies on Cloud Technologies to apply the application, not the supporting technology.

This enables us a promise.

The same promise that "Enterprise" software had years ago, but with more validation.

The promise of speed to implementation.

The promise of security.

We've got two "swiss army knives" in Cloud Technologies and HealthShare that compliment eachother to aid in transforming healthcare without the false economy of Information Technology practices of a decade of ago. We put InterSystems and the Cloud to work, quickly, securely, and worry free to serve your solution.


Service Catalog and Experience

Integration Development

Hacking InterSystems productions, dcm4chee archives, Mirth Channels, IHE frameworks, and speaking HL7, FHIR, DICOM, X12, CCDA, JSON and XML like a protocol droid.

Security and Compliance Implementation

Keyword here is implementation, and have learned our lessons on bolting on Security and Compliance after the fact. We bake the considerations into the actual build process for peace of mind for compliance and evolving security practices.

Enterprise Architecture

Implementation patterns for the Enterprise and the understanding on how they all relate. We've contributed to Enterprise Architectures, and also battled against them, but know what makes sense.

Rapid Implemementation

Rapid implementation of solutions for your business without waste. Fail fast, or Skyrocket overnight, we have processes for both with happy clients regardless.

Healthcare Interoperability

A fearless leader of a popular EMR vendor out of Madison, WI once said, "One thing about standards, there are plenty of them to choose from." Yes there are, and we swim in them on a daily basis.

Analytics Development

We write Data Integrations for Analytics and Business Intelligence and specialize on the InterSysems DeepSee Analytics platform. We write map/reduce functions for Hadoop, and have experience with large data sets and relating data through arbitrary means.

Development and Operations

We've developed sites and aided the rapid development of sites by integrating development operations. We have experience with high traffic sites, such as patient portals and teaching facilities.

Cloud and Hypbrid Cloud Deployment

A relentless passion for the economy of Information Technology and innovating in cost effective ways to bring big iron solutions to the compute cloud.


We've had a chance to work on these teams.